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a.1.Capable of being rebutted.
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Kapur told the media that the income tax ( I- T) department will begin prosecution on the basis of a rebuttable presumption.
263(a)-5(f) there is a rebuttable presumption that success-based fees facilitate a transaction and, therefore, must be capitalized.
The rebuttable presumption afforded higher-priced QMs will likely do little to protect creditors.
If the partner is over 10 and under 14, there is a rebuttable presumption that no consent was given, but the defendant should have to prove the child consented and understood the nature of the act to which consent was given.
This bill alters that careful balance by providing public safety workers with a presumption to workers' compensation, rebuttable only by clear and convincing evidence," he wrote.
He later served as the national legislative director of the Blinded Veterans Association, where he authored legislation that provided for a rebuttable presumption of service-connection for permanently and totally disabled veterans so their spouses and dependents could qualify for death and indemnity compensation.
A "permissible inference" rule, by contrast, would in effect establish a rebuttable presumption of impairment at five nanograms.
For short-term marriages, defined as less than 11 years, a rebuttable presumption against awarding alimony would have existed.
The remedy for this deficient rule is to make causation a rebuttable presumption.
Thus, the rebuttable presumption is that an employer can fire an employee for no reason at any time and without advance notice.
The effect of abolition would be that the offence of rape would no longer be singled out for special treatment: the rebuttable presumption of doli incapax would apply in respect of any criminal offence.
Failure to participate in E-Verify would create a rebuttable presumption that the employer has hired unauthorized aliens.