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a.1.Capable of being rebutted.
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Allowing chief police officers additional discretion to withhold disclosure, taking into account age and the circumstances of the offences, with a rebuttable presumption against disclosure of offences committed during childhood.
This, Villanueva said, therefore '(gave) rise at least to the rebuttable presumption that (Marcelino's) true objective was unlawful.
Surely the residents from their members Nicholas Penylan A policy is a presumption that should be rebuttable in certain circumstances.
One recommendation has already been addressed with a recent amendment to The Workers Compensation Act, 2013 to establish a rebuttable presumption to workers experiencing psychological injuries caused by workplace trauma.
This is based on the fact that the premises is situated within a cumulative impact area, where the rebuttable presumption is that an application will be refused unless it can be shown that the premises concerned will not add to the cumulative impact on the licensing objectives being experienced.
The proposed regulations would state that reformulation "is presumed to confer a significant public benefit," but would make this presumption rebuttable.
For marriages of two years or less, there would be a rebuttable presumption that no alimony would be awarded.
NYPMIFA creates a rebuttable presumption of imprudence if, in any year, a nonprofit appropriates more than 7% of the fund's average fair value over the prior five years after considering eight specific factors.
Kapur told the media that the income tax ( I- T) department will begin prosecution on the basis of a rebuttable presumption.
Other municipalities used rebuttable presumptions, meaning a car owner would not be penalized unless he was the driver.
263(a)-5(f) there is a rebuttable presumption that success-based fees facilitate a transaction and, therefore, must be capitalized.