n.1.(Firearms) A tool used for applying a fresh percussion cap or primer to a cartridge shell in reloading it.
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Entertainment Weekly's recapper Erica Berlin revealed that the film is too Bobby-centric with the film focusing on the "sex and drugs" lifestyle of the singer.
The bench-top recapper (24"x24"x33") is economical, automated, pneumatics-free, and recaps all standard vacuum collection tubes up to 1,200 tubes per hour.
Most tube types are decapped by the decapper, which processes up to 400 tubes per hour, and the recapper recaps about 500 tubes per hour.
Typical components of such a macro-automation system include the inlet unit, sorter, transport system, tracks, lanes, work cells, automated centrifuge, level detectors, bar code readers, decapper, aliquotter, outlet, robotics interface, recapper, refrigerated storage unit, automatic discard unit, automatic pipetter, and system controller.
The recapper places a stopper on any tube intended for storage.
Make no mistake, those of us who read and loved the books were practically stalking our friends and loved ones who were encountering this story for the first time through the TV show, betting among ourselves how big the Internet freakout would be, how much hand-wringing there would be from TV recappers.
sharps disposal containers, self-sheathing needles, needle recappers and mechanical instrument washers) Work Practice Controls Techniques that reduce the likelihood of exposure by altering the manner in which a task is performed (e.
Two regular recappers of the HBO hit, Salon's Lizzie Skurnick and (http://www.