v. t.1.To center again; to restore to the center.
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Thinking comparatively, we can observe key messages underneath such diversity: advocates of white power feel imperiled and disempowered; anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic narratives provide means to recenter a dynamic world around a fixed core (race); these narratives also account for and engage with the world's chaos but can formulate meaningful, if marginalized responses to it.
Magellan's discovery of Tierra del Fuego in 1520 was taken by Schoner as confirmation of the existence of the circum-antarctic continent, which he called the TERRA AVSTRALIS recenter inventa sed nondumplene cognita (Terra Australis, recently discovered but not yet fully known).
Users can zoom-in and -out and can also recenter it to a particular region as desired; (2) A GUI (graphical user interface) below the map to let user define keywords and search timeframe; (3) Keyword counts graph.
Despite these, El-Ariss successfully provides scholars and students alike with an invaluable, original, and vibrant addition to a growing array of poignant theoretical and literary inquiries on the nahdah and Arabic literature that continues to recenter the Arabic text.
As my hand almost subconsciously moved slightly aft to recenter the ball and return to glide slope, the jet quickly adjusted back to glide slope against my intent.
Yet, as it currently operates in the social imaginary, yoga can be seen to recenter women as docile bodies.
Rest and recenter yourself, surrounded by the beauty of God.
12) Receiving sessions rejuvenates one to be more fully present, have a healthy reserve, and envision inner peace to recenter oneself when out of balance.
called "creative maladjustment," a kind of principled strategic interrogation of the status quo that seeks not to overthrow but to decenter and then to recenter, reframe, and rebuild, guided by a new vision of our collective future.
Eight of those ten users found out later that it is necessary to click on the map to zoom in or zoom out and two users tried other navigation tools (such as the scale choice list and the recenter tool).
They take issue with the way historians have conceived of the relationship between religion and nationalism in the United States, and their solution is simple enough: recenter the history of religion in America at the actual center of the continent of North America.
Purcell seems to want to make ethics serve theology, whereas he might have done better to ask academic theology to divest itself of some dogmatic baggage and recenter itself on ethics and social justice.