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1. Of, belonging to, or occurring at a time immediately before the present.
2. Modern; new.
3. Recent Geology Of, relating to, or being the Holocene Epoch. See Table at geologic time.

[Middle English, new, fresh, from Latin recēns, recent-; see ken- in Indo-European roots.]

re′cen·cy, re′cent·ness n.
re′cent·ly adv.
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Noun1.recentness - a time immediately before the present
pastness - the quality of being past
2.recentness - the property of having happened or appeared not long ago
newness - the quality of being new; the opposite of oldness
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15) Table 1 supports our theoretical expectations and also shows that the president's strategic calculus varies by his choice of communication and the recentness of the Court's decisions.
Because of the recentness of the NSA revelations and thus the dearth of empirical data regarding client behavior in response to data collection, the instrumentalist justification is admittedly attenuated.
org/insights/volume/10/issue/27/interaational-law-and-northkorean-nuclear-testing ("Given the recentness of the CTBT and
Contrast this to one of the "striver" schools, which, owing to the recentness of their climb up the selectivity scale, don't have as many super-rich alumni to hit up for donations.
Here, the third limitation is the relative recentness of the third wave therapy conceptualizations and practice, which only started in the late 1980s and 1990s.
74) The admissions committee considers factors including the recentness of the conduct, the seriousness of the conduct, factors underlying the conduct, evidence of rehabilitation, positive social contributions of the applicant since the conduct, and the applicant's candor in the admissions process.
The recentness of the adoption of an injury-in-fact requirement
The case is quite different with Hitler for a plethora of reasons--among them the odious dogmas behind his destructiveness, its enormous scale, the recentness of the events.
Given the recentness of innocence reforms, few systematic program reviews appear to exist.
Gender 5 male, 5 female Race 8 Caucasian, 1 Hispanic, 1 African-American Recentness of Range 8-62 years vision loss Living arrangement 5 with spouse or significant other, 1 with other relative, 4 alone Primary travel aid 6 white cane, 4 dog guide Employment status 7 employed, 1 self-employed, 2 retired Highest education 1 high school, 2 college, 7 graduate degrees Braille 7 users, 3 nonusers
Despite the recentness of the discovery, we have already attained 'respectable' efficiencies.