recessive allele

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Noun1.recessive allele - an allele that produces its characteristic phenotype only when its paired allele is identical
allele, allelomorph - (genetics) either of a pair (or series) of alternative forms of a gene that can occupy the same locus on a particular chromosome and that control the same character; "some alleles are dominant over others"
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2008) mentioned that homozygous recessive allele of badh2 gene also induced the formation of 2AP and rice becomes aromatic.
Although the recessive allele (a) in the A locus can lead to black genotyped sheep, the dominant allele ([E.
Leucism, although thought to be controlled by a single recessive allele (Owen and Shimmings, 1992), has recently been documented to be the result of at least six genes (Reissmann and Ludwig, 2013).
sister chromatids carrying the recessive allele to be transmitted to the
Swapping genes with someone whose DNA is fairly similar to your own increases the chance that, if you carry some rare genetic mutation normally masked by a dominant "wild-type" version of the gene, your offspring will have two copies of that recessive allele.
Allen and Neil (1955) indicate that albinism in raccoons was linked to a single recessive allele, however more recent evidence suggests that two loci may determine albinism in this species (Long & Hogan 1988).
With our new mathematical concept, biology students can better understand that, in the case of heterozygous traits, a dominant allele determines appearance by contributing 100% to the overall phenotype, whereas the recessive allele has no observable effects on the organism and, hence, contributes 0%.
This amount of ratio indicates the higher frequency of recessive allele for the said traits.
These include "Harry Potter and the Recessive Allele," "Harry Potter and the Structural Biologist's (Key)stone," and even "Harry Potter Casts a Spell on Accident-Prone Children.
A previously described bluish-purple (B-type) shell color was found in one of the putative oo x oG crosses, suggesting that the B-type may be a recessive allele belonging to the same locus.
1) For each parent's genetic makeup, assign an uppercase letter for a dominant allele and a matching lowercase letter for a recessive allele (trait that's only expressed if an offspring has two copies of that gene).