Reciprocating motion

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(Mech.) motion alternately backward and forward, or up and down, as of a piston rod.

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Fixed displacement having reciprocating motion of plungers first section having nominal output 19.
Vibration welding, due to its linear reciprocating motion, has difficulty welding long unsupported walls, while other technologies do not have an issue with these part features.
Pistons' reciprocating motion generates round-trip kinetic energy between the crankshafts.
Company, presented the discovery of a novel mechanism for converting reciprocating motion into rotational motion, with minimum energy losses and enormous potential for commercial applications.
It can be seen that the reciprocating motion of the baffle will reduce the RTD variance to some extent compared with the case of the fixed baffle.
The system can be transformed easily to enable rotary to reciprocating motion, sub-newton to kilo-newton force measurement, or environmental testing from room temperature up to 1000[degrees]C.
A tool holder is mounted to a counterbalanced arm and remains stationary as a sliding specimen platform moves in a horizontal, reciprocating motion.
The easy-starting, smooth-running Saw It provides pneumatic power and reciprocating motion to blades.
Among his inventions:Crankshaft and connecting rod mechanismThis mechanism transforms continuous rotary motion into a linear reciprocating motion.
The tool-motion system comprises of a DC induction motor to provide rotary motion to the workpiece gear and a programmable stepper motor to provide reciprocating motion.
This reciprocating motion is caused by the eccentricity of the moving roller directly below the blade that repeatedly lifts the blade.
The FP3 has no crankshafts, connecting rods, or flywheel because its pistons don't move up and down to create reciprocating motion.