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v. re·clined, re·clin·ing, re·clines
1. To lean back or lie down on one's back.
2. To be adjustable so that the occupant may recline rather than sit up: a seat that reclines.
To cause to recline.

[Middle English reclinen, from Old French recliner, from Latin reclīnāre : re-, re- + -clīnāre, to bend; see klei- in Indo-European roots.]

rec′li·na′tion (rĕk′lə-nā′shən) n.
References in classic literature ?
So Meg reclined, with rubbers well hidden, and Jo went blundering away to the dining room, which she found after going into a china closet, and opening the door of a room where old Mr.
Well, at any rate," said Marie, as she reclined herself on a lounge, "I'm thankful I'm born where slavery exists; and I believe it's right,--indeed, I feel it must be; and, at any rate, I'm sure I couldn't get along without it.
The said Eliza, John, and Georgiana were now clustered round their mama in the drawing-room: she lay reclined on a sofa by the fireside, and with her darlings about her (for the time neither quarrelling nor crying) looked perfectly happy.
he said, raising his head from the arm of the great chair, in which he reclined.
The air of wicked grace: of triumph, in which, strange to say, there was yet something feminine and alluring: with which she reclined upon the seat between us, and looked at me, was worthy of a cruel Princess in a Legend.
But he now reclined on his settle, taking very little notice of me, and talking principally about turnips.
A short boar-spear, with a broad and bright steel head, also reclined against the back of his chair, which served him, when he walked abroad, for the purposes of a staff or of a weapon, as chance might require.
Their heads were all reclined, either to the right, or the left; one of their eyes turned inward, and the other directly up to the zenith.
Here in the evening the favourite reclined, watching the peonies vie with the sunset beyond.
Bonacieux, D'Artagnan turned toward her; the poor woman reclined where she had been left, half-fainting upon an armchair.
Then Circe took me by the hand and bade me be seated away from the others, while she reclined by my side and asked me all about our adventures.
She was in a little boudoir, hung with blue damask, adorned by red flowers, with a foliage of gold, looking upon a garden; and reclined upon a sofa, her head supported on the rich tapestry which covered it.