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Its mainly my height," Cohen said of his recognizability.
After looking at several techniques and events prolonging the already induced precarities of the occupation, I move on to discuss what I argue are the conditions intrinsic for their functioning as spaces of waiting: the configuration of the conditions of recognizability, the theatric performance of rights, and the inducing of precarity.
content and design requirements: - development of a brand architecture as a basis for the design process, definition of a design concept, definition of the principles of the target group approach - derivation of a distinctive appearance, ensuring independence and recognizability over all current media and means of communication, - development of all necessary design elements for the cd (which could be: word / figurative mark, colors, style elements, typefaces, claims, etc.
Back in Dublin, Stephen no longer strives to know the essence of a thing or to enjoy a primal moment of recognition; rather, he seeks, through the image to reorient himself with respect to objects--especially significant or symbolic objects (pseudo-things)--by creating new conditions of recognizability for them.
The recognizability of an audio recording's appropriation depends upon the characteristics of the two sound recordings rather than on the context in which the recordings exist.
b) Separators (2): The white separators have a width of one pixel and improve the recognizability of the Finder Patters as they separate them from the actual data.
This small difference has a grave philosophical consequence for her examples of visibility and recognizability, as will become clear below.
The cyanotype printing process, like the daguerreotype process, was developed early in the history of photography, and as the daguerreotype might be considered especially suited to inviting contemporary viewers to recall the past because of its recognizability as an historical photographic process, the same is true for the cyanotype printing process.
A less-than--or more-than--literal surface is evident in Moyse's paintings, which, beyond their obvious ebullience, share with Thorne a recognizability of forms; in Moyse's Birl (2013; Fig.
The first, the CARVER + Shock method, was created by the FDA to score and rank your operations based on seven attributes --criticality, accessibility, recuperability, vulnerability, effect, recognizability and shock--to ultimately determine your greatest overall risk and vulnerability.
Like a picture that is never seen again in its instant of recognizability, the past is recorded when, precisely, it flashes up.
A referential frame indicates the attainability of an intake of referential knowledge supplied at the translator's memory at a moment and quickly available for recovery because of its recognizability.