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The familiarity of broken landmarks and abandoned but ordinary objects strewn across the streets situates the scenario in a world made feasible because of its very recognizability.
html ) Luxury goods refer to products which are commonly characterized by their premium quality, craftsmanship, recognizability, exclusivity and reputation.
Looking at the role the seamstress played in French popular thought, historian Joan Wallach Scott notes that the recognizability of the type was based on its redundancy as "the story of the seamstress was recounted again and again, becoming a folk tale or morality play with a predictable plot and outcome.
The artists' manipulation of the images served as an allegory of the very idea of the performative event: The images eluded one's apprehension, sliding, as they did, in and out of recognizability.
Instead, the theory went, the optimum time to feature a subject in order to tread that fine line between recognizability and oversaturation was just after peak: just after that person became famous enough to be immediately recognizable by the general audience (which is to say, the time when people like me start rolling their eyes and saying, "but she is everywhere'').
With a unique font-variant design, high recognizability, bold and harmonious font, and the blue color indicating technology, the new logo "KERUI" represents Kerui's technology and innovation while showing the features of Kerui as an international enterprise.
Nature is never something simply seen or experienced but is a principle of recognizability that frames and materializes what can count as nature.
Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, Effect, and Recognizability (CARVER).
Furthermore, for Cottini, what granted Pagano's Maciste such lasting popularity throughout the nineteen teens and twenties in the wake of Cabiria was not his blackness (indeed, after Cabiria, he shed his body paint) but instead his recognizability as the ideal embodiment of the Italian.
I have found no explanation for the ablation of part of the French title, but I do refer you to a brief passage at the beginning of Franza, shall we say, which may render the question moot, inasmuch as the recognizability of language--or a thing--is mutely called into question: "Yet as far as we're concerned the train can travel on, for what is written about it will be spoken, the train will travel on, since it is asserted that it exists.
Donev said that the management team had been expanded to ensure greater recognizability of the leaders.
Were this the kind of recognizability that is required, past social groups recognized by the BIA--groups such as Cuban homosexuals, women opposed to female genital mutilation, and former Salvadoran police officers (41)--would no longer pass muster.