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n.1.(Civil Law) A cross demand; an action brought by the defendant against the plaintiff before the same judge.
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Such covered areas are from infrastructure to agriculture, from environment to offering professional reconvention for retaining the unemployed.
Beside this, the latest situation in the fight against terrorism, reconvention of Kurdish congress and cooperation and solidarity among Kurdish forces also were discussed at the meeting.
83) These actions would effectively terminate all prior intersession recess appointments and another quick termination and reconvention would terminate all prior intrasession recess appointments.
The study reflects on the reconvention proposed by Robert Mexy in his 1999 essay, intercepted with the position upheld by Dworkin in his 1999 text (1977), to expound, after the analysis, some final reflections.
The sessions have been marred by disagreement and were postponed again for several weeks following their reconvention last week.