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v. re·cruit·ed, re·cruit·ing, re·cruits
a. To enlist (persons) in military service.
b. To strengthen or raise (an armed force) by enlistment.
2. To hire or enroll, or seek to hire or enroll (new employees, members, or students).
3. To renew or restore (health or vitality, for example).
1. To enlist personnel in a military force.
2. To recruit new employees, members, or students.
1. A newly engaged member of a military force, especially one of the lowest rank or grade.
2. A new member of an organization.

[French recruter, from obsolete recrute, recruit, variant of recrue, from feminine past participle of recroître, to grow again, from Old French recroistre : re-, re- + croistre, to grow (from Latin crēscere; see ker- in Indo-European roots).]

re·cruit′er n.
re·cruit′ment n.
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Noun1.recruiter - someone who supplies members or employeesrecruiter - someone who supplies members or employees
headhunter - a recruiter of personnel (especially for corporations)
talent scout, scout - someone employed to discover and recruit talented persons (especially in the worlds of entertainment or sports)
provider, supplier - someone whose business is to supply a particular service or commodity
2.recruiter - an official who enlists personnel for military service
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
recruiting-sergeant - a sergeant deputized to enlist recruits


nPersonalvermittler(in) m(f)
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