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abbreviation for
(Commerce) receipt


1. receipt.
2. rectangle.
3. rectangular.
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The students entered patterns of commands, such as rect 10 rect 20 rect 30 rect 40 rect 50 rect 60 rect 70.
81 SQ and RECT traps, 127 mm CW for the HEX trap, and 137 mm CW for the 5.
forms when nitrogen oxides (from power plants and other sources) and hydrocarbons (from sources such as gasoline and paint thinner) rect with oxygen in the presence of sunlight.
Tenders are invited for Spl repairs to roads from officers mess gate to capt colony gate no 02 rect coy gate no 03 rect coy at 14 gtc subathu
Tesco Di rect, which launched last summer, and the group's online grocery operation Tesco.
THE assertion that ``EU red tape will engulf business , say Tories'' (Post April 23)is ab solutely cor- rect.