Red Hand Defenders

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Noun1.Red Hand Defenders - a paramilitary group of Protestants in Northern Ireland that tries to prevent any political settlement with the Irish Republic; attacks interests of Catholic civilians in Northern Ireland; responsible for arson and bombing and murder
Northern Ireland - a division of the United Kingdom located on the northern part of the island of Ireland
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Call on the Red Hand Defenders to withdraw this threat and actively support the rights of any child to attend any school of their choice wherever it may be situated and receive their education with without fear or intimidation.
The Red Hand Defenders are believed to have threatened Ms Flood and two other members of the Right To Education Group who have defied loyalist protesters in the Ardoyne district to walk the hotly-disputed route over the last three days.
Pro-British extremists, who go by the names Red Hand Defenders (RHD), Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) said in calls to the media they killed McColgan, 20, the father of a baby girl, for his Roman Catholic religion and as a postal worker.
Daniel Hamilton, 31, was jailed for two years and eight months over the Red Hand Defenders plot.
The sinister re-emergence of the cover name the Red Hand Defenders will cause concern within both communities.
Mr Murphy said that the act, in conjunction with the forklift truck attack on a bar in north Belfast on Friday by loyalist paramilitaries, the Red Hand Defenders, showed that a violent campaign was being intensified.
The Shankill UDA, using the cover name the Red Hand Defenders, have claimed responsibility for the double murder.
At the weekend the loyalist Red Hand Defenders issued a chilling threat that all staff at Catholic schools were now considered legitimate targets.
TEACHERS across North Belfast were defying a threat by the Loyalist Red Hand Defenders that teachers and all staff working in Catholic schools were "legitimate targets" from yesterday.
It was claimed at first by the Red Hand Defenders, a cover name used in the past by the Ulster Defence Association and the Loyalist Volunteer Force.
Loyalist terror group the Red Hand Defenders today claimed responsibility for his murder.
The Londonderry attack came after the Loyalist Red Hand Defenders - a cover name used by the Ulster Defence Association - said they would continue targeting nationalist homes as long as republicans attacked loyalists.