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Management of liquidity risk is important to funds ability to meet their statutory obligation and their investors expectations regarding redeemability of their shares.
Judges, prison commissioners, the media, and members of the general public found the notion of forced labor incompatible with assumptions about white women's fragility, vulnerability to sexual violence, physical weakness, and redeemability.
Freed from the redeemability requirement, the supply of U.
In the specific context of dian redemption, evidence suggests that the intervention of lower income political elites in support of infinite redeemability was crucial to its institutional entrenchment.
After a brief introduction to the mechanism of cryptocurrency, this paper compares its development over the past several years to the development of fractional-reserve banking under a regime of gold redeemability.
This action increased the Fed's ability to conduct expansionary monetary policy by removing redeemability as an economic constraint on such expansions, at least by US citizens.
Redeemability may give market participants the confidence that the new currency will be accepted by others such that they will demand it for themselves, and legal tender laws give added impetus to these beliefs, but these notions are not related to any praxeological phenomena that govern the genesis of money Nor is it deducible from the logic of action that once this confidence has been established, the fiat currency can continue to function as money after the redeemability has been eliminated Historically, these sequences of events have certainly occurred, but because they are dependent on the confidence of the public, they are merely psychological phenomena.
In this article, I shall focus on the second alternative, as I have shown in detail elsewhere the unconstitutionality and imprudence of attempting to salvage the Federal Reserve System by returning its notes to redeemability in gold or silver (Vieira 2002).
Komornicka takes on a question that vexed Tolkien even in some of his final notes relating to his legendarium: the redeemability of the orcs.
And yet Laci senses that his mother's seemingly rhetorical question--one usually posed to affirm an irrefutable point--embodies a desire to solicit a response, to start a conversation, to regain some hope in the redeemability of the post-Shoah world.
Highly publicized tragedies such as the December massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, that left 26 children and adults dead pose the greatest threat to our belief in the redeemability of the most marginalized among us.
Structural and Cohesion Funds operate on the principle of redeemability.