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Noun1.treasury stock - stock that has been bought back by the issuing corporation and is available for retirement or resale; it is issued but not outstanding; it cannot vote and pays no dividends
stock - the capital raised by a corporation through the issue of shares entitling holders to an ownership interest (equity); "he owns a controlling share of the company's stock"
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had settled the case with Wynn over the latter's forcible redemption of shares with Wynn agreeing to compensate Universal Entertainment for the stock.
00 per share through mandatory redemption of shares.
Global Banking News-December 4, 2017--Big 8 Split announces partial redemption of shares
An acquisition of control may occur from a direct purchase of shares or indirectly, such as by an increase in a shareholder's ownership percentage resulting from the redemption of shares owned by another shareholder.
It is estimated that the USD 200m contained in Easterly's trust account, less fees and expenses and amounts distributed upon redemption of shares of Easterly common stock, will be used following the closing by Sungevity for its business operations and will remain on its balance sheet.
Medivir (STO:MVIRB), a research based pharmaceutical company, announced on Tuesday a change in the number of shares and votes in the company as a result of redemption of shares under the voluntary redemption programme resolved at the extraordinary general meeting on 20 November 2014.
75-447, the IRS said that, regardless of the order of the steps, the redemption of shares (when combined with an issuance of stock or sale of stock by the shareholders) as part of an integrated plan should not be treated as a dividend to the shareholder, but rather should be treated as a sale or exchange under Sec.
The notice of redemption and other materials relating to the redemption of shares will be mailed to holders of record of such shares on or about December 5, 2014.
In the center s capital by redemption of shares as well as the signing of an exclusive agreement with Libyan airlines (Libyan Airlines and Afriqyah Airways), the deal undertakes the direct participation of LHC for reaching the center with all their aviation training activities.
The agreement stipulates the direct participation of LHC in the center's capital by redemption of shares as well as the signing of an exclusive agreement with Libyan airlines (Libyan Airlines and Afriqyah Airways) to entrust the center with all their aviation training activities.
For most plainvanilla equity ETFs, the creation and redemption of shares is facilitated by large institutional investors via an inkind exchange of an ETF's underlying holdings for large blocks of ETF shares known as "creation units.
Let's remind, that some time ago the prime minister of the RUSSIAN federation Vladimir Putin has suggested the head of VTB Andrei Kostin to develop a program of redemption of shares from minority shareholders - physical persons, who bought the paper at the IPO in 2007 at the price of 13.