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 (rə-dŏn′, -dôN′), Odilon 1840-1916.
French artist and forerunner of surrealism whose works include eerie lithographs and floral paintings.


(French rədɔ̃)
(Biography) Odilon (ɔdilɔ̃). 1840–1916, French symbolist painter and etcher. He foreshadowed the surrealists in his paintings of fantastic dream images


(rəˈdɒn, -ˈdɔ̃)

O•di•lon (ˌoʊ diˈɒn, -ˈɔ̃) 1840–1916, French painter and etcher.
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Odilon Redon was exceptionally well-integrated into the Paris art world, and he enjoyed a career that spanned decades.
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