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red shift

or red·shift (rĕd′shĭft′)
An increase in the wavelength of radiation emitted by a receding celestial object as a consequence of the Doppler effect.

[From the fact that the longer wavelengths of light are at the red end of the visible spectrum.]


(Astronomy) a shift in the lines of the spectrum of an astronomical object towards a longer wavelength (the red end of an optical spectrum), relative to the wavelength of these lines in the terrestrial spectrum, usually as a result of the Doppler effect caused by the recession of the object. Compare: blueshift



a shift in the spectrum of a celestial object toward longer wavelengths, caused by the object's movement away from the viewer.
red′shift`ed, adj.
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Noun1.redshift - (astronomy) a shift in the spectra of very distant galaxies toward longer wavelengths (toward the red end of the spectrum); generally interpreted as evidence that the universe is expanding
astronomy, uranology - the branch of physics that studies celestial bodies and the universe as a whole
propagation - the movement of a wave through a medium
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edu/about-us/110-the-universe/cosmology-and-the-big-bang/alternate-theories/670-can-tired-light-theory-explain-the-observed-redshifts-of-galaxies-intermediate) argue that a redshift on the electromagnetic spectrum is not the only information scientists have supporting an expanding universe, while the concept of tired light does not take those other elements into consideration.
Redshifts, on the other hand, are presumably rather less reliable in such a densely packed cluster because of gravitational interference.
The same equation relates light-travel time to redshifts for both the dichotomous and the de Sitter cosmologies, making it easy to compare both models using our testing framework.
Other candidates have been identified with redshifts as high as 11.
The seven galaxies described by Ellis and his team all have redshifts higher than 8.
Because of the expansion of the Universe, objects with large redshifts are not only far away, they are also observed as they were a long time in the past.
Other subjects detailed are coordinated instruments for source detection and characterization, redshift determination algorithms for broadband spectroscopic data, monitoring phase calibrators at submillimeter wavelengths, dense gas at high redshifts, astrometric imaging of high redshift galaxies at 345 GHz, and tracing the evolution of disk galaxies with galactic structures and gas kinematics.
The evidence that is the most difficult to explain away is the quantization of the cosmological redshift and the non-Doppler nature of quasar redshifts.
His theories regarding quantized cosmological redshifts of galaxies are starting to be accepted, albeit grudgingly.
The results obtained with the equation we derived for the propagation of light solved jointly with the Friedmann equation are inconsistent with observations as it is common to observe galaxies with redshifts up to 6, and more recently beyond 8.
Photometric redshifts are less accurate than spectroscopic ones, which measure narrow spectral lines.
If we could measure the redshifts of millions of quasars, we could use them to map the structures in the universe out to a large redshift," Starkman noted.