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n.1.One who reforges.
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They were noted in several Joint Staff-sponsored exercises, including REFORGER in 1987 and WINTEX in 1988 and 1989.
The aircraft took-off using call signs typical for a NATO exercise, and the huge REFORGER '86 exercise had started in January.
I was not a member of the armed forces, although I did spend a good deal of time in fatigues and ate dinner out of a mess tin during the annual NATO REFORGER exercises.
From 1985-1989, he worked with NATO and other allied commands in Europe, planning and executing REFORGER and other joint exercises.
During the last REFORGER exercise AH-64A Apache helicopters of the US Army gave an impressive display of their night-time combat capabilities.
It was the first time since Exercise Reforger during the Cold War that Soldiers deployed to an expeditionary environment over such a long distance on short notice with their home-station equipment.
We would have a fraction of the force forward deployed, and we would have these big Reforger exercises, for example.
My 37-plus years of service have been a privilege; however, as a young LT during a REFORGER exercise in Germany, I had the traumatic realization that transportation was really the center of the logistics/sustainment universe.
Army Air Defense Artillery Center (USAADC) & Fort Bliss, deployed on REFORGER (Return of Forces to Germany) '88 with the 3d Armored Calvary Regiment, and among other training exercises, has participated in annual training at the National Training Center with the 116th Cavalry (IDARNG).
The last time I planned and participated in major river-crossing operations was as a company commander in the 1st Armored Division during Reforger 79.
Fried escorted the first observers from the Warsaw Pact during REFORGER 87 and CARAVAN GUARD 88.