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n.1.Cooling refreshment; refrigeration.
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Moretti also offers a survey of the Latin language and style in which the PA is written: as one would expect, the PA contains morphological patterns in word-formation associated with Christian authors (for example, refrigerium and aedificatio), and it displays numerous features of late and vulgar Latin, for instance, diminutives, pleonasms, a preference for analytical over synthetic forms (for example, prepositional constructions instead of constructions involving cases without prepositions), several quod/quia/quoniam + subjunctive constructions instead of constructions requiring only an infinitive, the use of the indicative mood in indirect questions, the employment of the so-called nominativus pendens, and so on.
For example, many Christians adopted the refrigerium, the funerary meal, to celebrate the anniversaries of the death of the Christians, despite its associations with paganism and overindulgence.
15) While Tolkien did not, apparently, like the way in which Lewis depicted Refrigerium in The Great Divorce, frowning upon the fanciful notion that one might take a "holiday" in Paradise, that does not mean that he did not provide his own sort of Refrigerium concept for Frodo and Bilbo.