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In the developed world, for example, views differ on whether prenatal provision and provision for substance abusers should be classified as public health provision or individual, refusable treatment.
Conversely, where the giving is not refusable, it looks very much like a put option, or a government right to force the property owner to purchase.
Implementing an acceptance requirement in the law of givings leads us to the following rule: If a giving is refusable and the beneficiary accepts it, she should pay the charge upon receipt.
If the giving is refusable, the charge should be paid within a reasonable time (perhaps a year) of receipt of the benefit.
Under our scheme, recipients can reject refusable givings.
As part of her pitch, she was offering an eminently refusable deal: "It's a working board not a name board.
Unfortunately, like the producers of ``Superman 2'' and ``Aliens,'' Coppola didn't stop while he was ahead; he went on to make the misguided ``Godfather Part III,'' which was not ghastly, but was definitely refusable.