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reg 1

n. Informal
A regulation.

reg 2

An extensive, hard desert surface consisting of wind-polished gravel lying on alluvial soil and cemented together by mineralized solutions.

[Maghrebi dialectal Arabic, from Arabic riqq, ruqq, from raqqa, to be thin, fine; see rqq in Semitic roots.]


[< Latin rēgīna]


1. regent.
2. region.
3. register.
4. registered.
5. registrar.
6. registry.
7. regular.
8. regularly.
9. regulation.
10. regulator.
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Tenders are invited for Annual maintenance contract of clorination plants qty 14 nos at gcf (inside and outside of the factory) (gcf reg no 9346,9347,9566 to 9569,9574,9576 to 9579,10229,10554,10555