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(ˈri gən)

(in Shakespeare's King Lear, 1606) the younger of Lear's two faithless daughters.
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My wife is as gay as Lady Macbeth, and my daughters as cheerful as Regan and Goneril.
Maggie Regan was a waitress in Williamsburg when the opportunity to dive into the world of real estate was served to her on a plate.
After a short wait, Regan, whose trademark long brown hair has grayed slightly, joins me in a conference room, wearing a clean-pressed pantsuit and platforms on a chilly Manhattan day, carrying a stack of her latest proofs.
Rachael Regan, who was earlier found guilty of child cruelty, instead received a 12-month community order with 40 hours unpaid work.
Centre Calvin Wellington, 18, and winger Regan Grace, 17, have signed a 12-month part time contract to play in the 19s after impressing on trial this season.
American Tactical announces its sponsorship of Tommy Regan and Regan Motorsports.
WILLIAM HORNCY & KENNETH REGAN KENNETH Regan has gone into criminal history as one of Britain's most ruthless killers after he callously despatched an eight-weekold baby, a toddler, and three adults in a pursuit of power and money.
Regan to board(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
BBC WM sports editor Mark Regan has returned to work following a mystery two-month absence - and revealed on Twitter he's been 'to hell'.
Dick Regan, who has served as Holy Cross' director of athletics since 1998, announced Tuesday he is stepping down from his position.
The presenter, Trish Regan, an anchor of Bloomberg Television, explored during the one-hour talk legislative priorities that will impact the insured retirement market, prospects for the global economy and implications of the nation's growing debt burden.