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Noun1.registered security - a security whose owner's name is recorded on the books of the issuer (or issuer's agent)
registered bond - a bond whose owner is recorded on the books of the issuer; can be transferred to another owner only when endorsed by the registered owner
certificate, security - a formal declaration that documents a fact of relevance to finance and investment; the holder has a right to receive interest or dividends; "he held several valuable securities"
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He brings with him more than seven years of experience in financial consulting and is a registered securities representative and licensed insurance agent.
Once effective, we believe that the shelf registration statement will provide Youbet with the additional flexibility it may need to fund these growth opportunities with registered securities,'' he said.
New Zealand Exchange Limited (NZX), operator of New Zealand's only registered securities exchange, is consolidating 21 operational databases into a single source of data, powered by Oracle(R) Database 10g.
The Company has no immediate plans to offer any of the securities for sale, but believes it is prudent to have registered securities available to fund future opportunities.
a registered securities broker/dealer headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey.

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