Registered letter

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a letter, the address of which is, on payment of a special fee, registered in the post office and the transmission and delivery of which are attended to with particular care.

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The butler was awaiting my arrival; he had received by the same post as mine a registered letter of instruction, and had sent at once for a locksmith and a carpenter.
The holder will be informed of the renewal of his contract at the latest 3 months before the end of the period by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
The banks, if they need to check the address, can do so from a variety of sources including a receipt of a registered letter to even a 'telephonic conversation.
Given the EU executive's silence, Ryanair then gave it formal notice by registered letter, dated 2 August 2007, and as it did not receive any answer, it filed a case of failure to act' at the EU court in 2007.
Postal worker Andrea Richards said: "We asked him to sign for a registered letter - he stood up and down came his trousers.
30am when I was brought a registered letter by one of the staff which stated that I had been removed from the register, and that I should not work forthwith etc.
Some of the 20 merchants who met last night said they removed signs from their windows after receiving a registered letter from the zoning enforcement officer on Valentine's Day for fear that they would be assessed a $300 per day fine.
said Thursday it has filed a damages suit against Audi AG, claiming the German carmaker poached the registered letter Q for its new sport utility vehicles.
This usually rattles a debtor because there is a stigma associated with sending a registered letter to a debtor.
We have sent all the UK hospitality trade's leading employers a formal registered letter.
To make quite sure that they understand this crucial point - and the rising threat of legal actions that they now face - we have sent all the UK hospitality trade's leading employers a formal registered letter.
A man being held at the Tokyo Detention House has been served an arrest warrant on suspicion of extorting money from a convenience store manager by mail, having the money sent to the detention house by registered letter, the police said Friday.

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