regression toward the mean

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Noun1.regression toward the mean - the relation between selected values of x and observed values of y (from which the most probable value of y can be predicted for any value of x)
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
statistical method, statistical procedure - a method of analyzing or representing statistical data; a procedure for calculating a statistic
regression analysis - the use of regression to make quantitative predictions of one variable from the values of another
linear regression, rectilinear regression - the relation between variables when the regression equation is linear: e.g., y = ax + b
curvilinear regression - the relation between variables when the regression equation is nonlinear (quadratic or higher order)
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propensity score matching) does not address the problem of regression to the mean.
You've written a great deal about the concept of regression to the mean.
Only time will tell if the 38-8 loss to the Red Devils indicates the Wildcats bubble has burst, but logic suggests that there will be a regression to the mean from the pre-season favourites for the wooden spoon.
Accountants can improve their judgment and become more aware of mistakes by others through understanding and application of psychological and statistical concepts such as directional goals, ego depletion, the halo effect, randomness and patterns, and regression to the mean.
Data from the intervening time, known as the site selection period, is excluded to avoid the results being distorted by regression to the mean.
To account for potential selection bias and regression to the mean, they conducted an empirical Bayes before-after analysis using reference groups of untreated two-lane rural roads in each State with similar characteristics to the treated sites.
Researchers are aware of the potential illusory effects of regression to the mean.
In Asiaphoria Meets Regression to the Mean (NBER Working Paper No.
Ambulatory BP monitoring provides multiple measurements over time in a nonmedical setting, which potentially avoids measurement error, regression to the mean, and misdiagnosis of isolated clinic hypertension, and is best correlated with long-term outcomes.
They found that naked short sellers took smaller positions in firms with strong accounting fundamentals, but they took larger positions in companies with high levels of capital expenditures and sales growth, recognizing that those firms will have lower abnormal returns in the future just from regression to the mean.
First, many studies are plagued with methodological issues such as selection bias and regression to the mean (Linden et al.
The principle of regression to the mean tells us that the best time to bet on a team is after a slump - Rovers have redefined the word 'slump' recently.