Regular pentagon

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a pentagon in which the angles are all equal, and the sides all equal.

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What do the interior angles of a regular pentagon add up to in degrees?
When N = 5 the predictable regular pentagon is obtained for k = 1 or 4 but for k = 2, a more interesting picture emerges as shown in Figure 1.
Table 1 Sample Polygon Observation Table Polygon Odd or even # Degree of of vertices rotational symmetry Equilateral triangle Odd 3 Square Even 4 Regular pentagon Odd 5 Regular hexagon Even 6 Regular septagon Odd 7 Regular octagon Even 8 Polygon Degrees per Sets of turn parallel sides Equilateral triangle 120 0 Square 90 2 Regular pentagon 72 0 Regular hexagon 60 3 Regular septagon [approximately equal to] 51.
The ratio of the diagonal and the edge of a regular pentagon has as result the value of the golden number, [PHI] (Figure2, b).
And that's just the "supplemental" military spending passed by Congress for the wars--the regular Pentagon budget also grew nearly 45 percent between 2001 and 2010.
He also spoke about the constructional regular polygons, the methods of constructions for a regular pentagon and a regular 17-gon due to Richmond was decribed.
More accurately, he investigates the plastic properties of the regular pentagon and the regular twelve faced complexes constructed out of pentagons: the dodecahedrons.
Combined with the regular Pentagon annual budget, that puts US total spending on "defence" (meaning aggression) at $710bn over the next year - 700 per cent more than what it will spend on creating jobs.
Addressing a regular Pentagon press briefing, Gates rejected media reports that said Washington is worried about the activities of the Quetta shura in Balochistan.
4 billion regular Pentagon budget that Bush has requested.
Congress has tried to force Bush to be more accountable in his war spending, passing legislation requiring war appropriations to be included with the regular Pentagon budget.
The ideal "green" situation is depicted by a regular pentagon of unit radius where each parameter is equal to one.