Regular sales

(Stock Exchange) sales of stock deliverable on the day after the transaction.

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The top awardees were (fourth to sixth from left): Nayda Cuenca, top regular unit manager; Merlita David, top general agency manager; and Norma Custodio, top regular sales counselor.
These transactions should not be considered as regular sales of property," he said in a telephone interview.
The Company estimates the pipeline of acquired projects will generate approximately US $2,331,341 in gross revenue and up to US $1,296,991 in gross profit, in addition to regular sales operations revenue.
HOUSE OF FRASER The Corporation Street department store has regular sales these days but its summer sale will be over two days between today and tomorrow.
expertise, regular sales and technical training and programmes.
However, for the traders in Kolkata, it has been a harrowing week with business collapsing to one-tenth of its regular sales as many even have shut shop in fear of having to sell in credit.
Furthermore, the company has managed to establish its products via an array of hairdressers across Sweden, which despite being distributors, are perceived as a regular sales channel amongst consumers.
On Tuesday, March 1, the H&H Group's chief executive Brian Richardson will be introducing his staff before outlining the company's offering outside of holding of regular sales.
Stabilo conducts regular sales and promotional activities in Malaysia to promote its products amongst the public.
The Toffee Fac-|tory in Ouseburn is to host regular sales of food and drink
The largest auction house in Wales, renowned for its regular sales of domestic houses, is putting an increased focus on commercial and business property sales.
So does Amelia Loman, a spunky rep for Knightley Press who makes regular sales calls at Island Books.