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v. t.1.(Law) To hypothecate again.
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In other words, thanks to rehypothecation, which means re-using the collateral pledged by the counterparty for its own use, collaterals can be re-used many times (Andolfatto et al.
In addition to these very low, or even zero, margin requirements, LTCM was able to negotiate other favorable credit enhancements with its counterparties, including two-way collateral requirements, rehypothecation rights, and high thresholds for loss.
cc/8AZT-3JSE (defining rehypothecation as "the practice by banks and brokers of using, for their own purposes, assets that have been posted as collateral by their clients").
4 As discussed further below, the Reuse Disclosure Requirement: applies not only to a wide range of repurchase and securities lending transactions, but also to a wide range of collateral arrangements, where reuse or rehypothecation of collateral comprising financial instruments (e.
China discovered what London bankers have long exploited by means of rehypothecation of assets, borrowing and reborrowing up to four times the value of underlying assets to generate new cash for trading.
8) For background regarding the rise of the rehypothecation (repo) market and its role in the financial crisis, see generally GARY B.
In addition, proposed regulations to implement this provision of Dodd--Frank would forbid or attenuate the practice of rehypothecation, whereby the recipient of collateral can sell or otherwise use the collateral as if it were the recipient's property.
5 trillion of funding from rehypothecation activity" by 2007 ("Web of Shadow Banking Must be Unravelled," August 2010, www.
Rehypothecation means that there is a money velocity associated with the collateral.
Manmohan Singh and James Aitken (2010) argue that measures of repos are significantly larger when rehypothecation is taken into account.
Huertas, director of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in London, has shared his further concerns, as far as margining goes, with Risk magazine regarding the issues of rehypothecation, cross-margining, and the geographic and legal access to capital.