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n.1.One who reimburses.
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The provision concerning proration of payments has been repealed and reenacted to provide that if the base period wages of an individual include wages from one or more reimbursing employers and one or more additional employers, reimburser or taxpayer, benefits paid to such individual must be charged to any such reimbursing employer in the same proportion as the wages from such reimbursing employers bears to the total amount of all wages in the individual's base period.
Switching to reimburser status and joining an unemployment program could be beneficial for diversely funded nonprofits employing 10 or more and experiencing low turnover.
These challenges fall into two broad categories: (a) difficulties in supporting the client's right to quality care as a priority over the professional's relationship with the reimburser and (b) problems in protecting the privacy of client disclosures.
Said Orthopedics This Week founder Robin Young, "Patients, physicians, hospitals, and reimbursers rely on the inspiration and perspiration of engineers and surgeon-inventors to improve outcomes and to control costs.
Others spoke of years of accumulated evidence that supports quality nursing care and urged reimbursers to move quickly, without calls for more pilot studies to justify nurses as health care providers.
14) Evaluation may also be carried out by reimbursers through the process of health technology assessment.
We're just at the beginning, but one thing is certain right now: If the technology allows some of our patients to live happier lives without hypoglycemia, there's something to be said for that, even if the reimbursers don't agree.
In addition, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as well as all major third-party reimbursers accept ANCC certification for billing purposes.
CMS and the majority of third-party reimbursers accept ANCC certification.
and the threat of a totally government-controlled universal health care system, pushed providers and reimbursers into the concept of managed care.
While third party reimbursers such as Medicare will reimburse acute care for alcoholism in the elderly, private insurance reimbursement for longer term treatment, especially residential treatment in a structured environment, is problematic (Moyers, 2000).
ViroLogic is developing novel clinical diagnostic technology to provide patients, physicians, and reimbursers with useful information to guide therapeutic decisions in the management of viral diseases and cancer.