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In this particular example, the proposed statistical data analysis methodology was able to identify outliers with actual rejectable physical characteristics.
2] is the rejectable quality level (RQL) or lot tolerance percent defective (LTPD).
The p value showed that the hypothesis of equality in bond shear strength among the groups is rejectable.
there are no rejectable models; the empirical evidence is not convincing.
As it happens in many other instances in which Cervantes has brought together a variety of characters that would had been easily classified following a binary oppositional paradigm, the characteristics of each group are diversified in a way that dismantles any attempt at monolithic constructions that group all Moriscos as rejectable.
One caution here: This substitution can change the texture of some foods, so use the oil only if it won't create a substantial, rejectable change.
UEW (235--236) cites other Samoyed cognates (NenT lamdo, EnF lodu, SlkK lamduka 'low' < PSam *lamto), but these are rejectable because of irregular vocalism: PSam *a is a regular reflex of PU *u, not of PU *a.
Rejectable choice sets: How seemingly irrelevant no-choice options affect consumer decision processes.
2013) (explaining only executory contracts and unexpired leases rejectable pursuant to [section] 365).