sexual immorality

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Noun1.sexual immorality - the evil ascribed to sexual acts that violate social conventions; "sexual immorality is the major reason for last year's record number of abortions"
evil, wickedness, immorality, iniquity - morally objectionable behavior
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Although supposedly treating religion and sexuality in "the East," the volume contains sixteen articles on topics relating to South Asia and only four on East Asia.
They concentrate on personality, cognition, and emotion (personality and religiousness, religion and the self, religious cognition, religion and negative emotions as they relate to regulation, positive emotions and self-transcendence), social behavior, morality, and intergroup relations (personal and cognitive factors as they relate to social factors, religion and prejudice in intergroup relations, values as religiosity, religion and sexuality within family, religion and domestic political attitudes around the world, social aspects of religion and mental health), and age, gender and culture (religion and development, gender difference in religion, religion and the national culture, understanding religion and irreligion).
With recent Government legislation now making it a criminal offence to conduct a gay marriage in a Church of England or Church of Wales building - despite recent polls showing public support for gay marriage as high as 74% - there has never been a more pertinent time to pose the question: can religion and sexuality ever be reconciled?