Religious house

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a monastery or convent.

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In process of time this religious house again fell into desuetude; but before it disappeared it had achieved a great name for good works, and in especial for the piety of its members.
I shall take up my abode in a religious house near Lisle--a nunnery you would call it; there I shall be quiet and unmolested.
When the Black Knight for it becomes necessary to resume the train of his adventures left the Trysting-tree of the generous Outlaw, he held his way straight to a neighbouring religious house, of small extent and revenue, called the Priory of Saint Botolph, to which the wounded Ivanhoe had been removed when the castle was taken, under the guidance of the faithful Gurth, and the magnanimous Wamba.
he asked, in the Anglo-French dialect used in religious houses.
It's a small silver style container which we believe is used to keep communion wafers in and may have come from a church or a religious house.
Funded by the stained glass maker John Hardman and designed by August Pugin, their convent in Hunter's Road, Handsworth, became the first religious house founded in Birmingham since the Reformation, and it comprised a church, an orphanage and a girls' boarding school.
Tuten suggests that what motivated patronage was the emulation of social superiors, the geographical proximity and ties that were created between benefactor and religious house, and what she calls "long-term reciprocity" as families continued their support.
This is an very religious house and if you visit here and are a non-Catholic, there's enough evidence here to convert you.
Founded before the Norman Conquest, it was dedicated to the daughter of Wulferne, King of Mercia, who established a religious house here at Hanbury.
Their spokesman, Robert Latoner, asked Nottingham if, for a sum of 20 pounds and maintenance in any religious house in England plus 15 pounds for his assistant, he would be willing to do as he asked.
More surprising is that sections of the original 13th-century religious house remain identifiable in the existing chapel, the most fascinating corner of this property.
Here on the pretext of serving humanity, one continues bonded labour in a religious house.

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