n.1.A second or renewed liquidation; a renewed adjustment.
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I think everybody would say, okay, from the date of the decision of the binational panel or the WTO, you cannot go back and ask for reliquidation of duties that were paid that have already been liquidated.
The reliquidation provisions are incorporated into the Treasury Regulations by reference:
Directed and Will Not Trigger Reliquidation of Entries
plaintiff is not entitled to reliquidation of its entries unless Customs
Section 1581 (i) jurisdiction is also available, at least in limited circumstances, as a basis for seeking injunctive relief to compel reliquidation of entries that have been improperly liquidated or liquidated at an erroneous rate.
Gerdau stated that it did not seek reliquidation of the entries; instead, its purpose in bringing suit was to prevent revocation of the underlying antidumping order, which can occur after three consecutive de minimis margins as to an exporter or producer.
11) Plaintiffs sought liquidation or reliquidation of these entries at the cash deposit rate of the producer of the merchandise under a Commerce regulation providing for "automatic liquidation" of entries that are not subject to an administrative review.
These categories include the appraised value, tariff classification, rate and amount of duty, the assessment of all charges and exactions within the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Treasury, the liquidation or reliquidation of an entry, the exclusion of merchandise from entry, and the refusal to pay drawback claims.
141) The CIT added that the Federal Circuit has observed that "the antidumping laws do not contain a provision permitting the reliquidation of [past] entries or the recovery of wrongfully assessed antidumping duties in the event a foreign manufacturer or exporter successfully challenges an affirmative antidumping duty determination.