a.1.Tending or serving to remind.
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Rememorative thinking "does not reach back to the origin and appropriate it; it only retreads the ways of errancy, the only richness, the only Being, we are given" (Fine 182- 83; End 174; trans.
Similarly, in his cogent and thought-provoking consideration of "The Cultural Effects of the Famine," Kevin Whelan examines the Famine's impact on cultural traditions, ranging from the caoineadh to hurling, in order to elucidate what he calls "radical memory": "These post-Famine projects in their diverse ways treat history as rememorative, seeking to write back in that which had been erased or submerged it 52).
For Vazquez's Buzzy Digit, the rememorative act is a defense against erasure of "a poor student in a poor school in a poor frontier town" (27).