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n.1.(Law) A remission or surrender, - remittitur damnut being a remission of excess of damages.
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While it is always helpful for trial judges to explain the basis for their rulings as thoroughly as is consistent with the efficient dispatch of their duties, we certainly are not prepared to characterize the trial judge's failure to articulate the basis for his denial of the motions for judgment notwithstanding the verdict and for remittitur as a constitutional violation.
6 Million in damages awarded for Brandon's future caretaking and medical expenses between those he will incur before he attains majority and those he will incur after he attains majority and to order a remittitur to reduce those he will incur before he attains majority by 30% for his parents' contributory negligence.
However, the judgment was affirmed on the condition that the plaintiff file with the court the acceptance of a remittitur of the punitive-damages award in the amount of $2.
Justifying a Large Award With the Promise of Judicial Remittitur.
the court offered her the option of either accepting a remittitur of $1.
Accordingly, the court ordered that unless the plaintiffs consented to the remittitur and signed a written stipulation consenting to reduce the verdict as to damages for past pain and suffering from $4,080,000 to $1,200,000.
They include the use of a remittitur (on the percentage of comparative responsibility), requiring a new trial unless the plaintiff consents to a reduction in a defendant's apportioned share of liability.
Some are affirmed, some overturned, some subject to remittitur.
The trial court denied the defendants' motions for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict, New Trial, and Remittitur.
The district court eventually ordered a remittitur and the parties were able to settle the damage claim.
Schiedt, the Supreme Court appeared to find new respect for the jury's role in assessing damages, ruling that additur violated the Seventh Amendment and even expressing some doubt as to the constitutionality of remittitur.
The Superior Court, District of Columbia, granted the motion subject to the plaintiffs' acceptance of a remittitur reducing the awards to $1,000,000.