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n.1.(Law) A remission or surrender, - remittitur damnut being a remission of excess of damages.
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The remittitur, a judge's reduction in the award given by a jury to a plaintiff, reduced the jury award by $90 million.
7) Only judges are empowered to reduce excessive verdicts, termed a remittitur.
58) The court also remanded the inmate's remaining claims for a new trial, but gave the inmate the option of a remittitur.
27) Since Missouri's common law in 1820 "did not provide for legislative limits on the jury's assessment of civil damages, Missouri citizens retain their individual right to trial by jury subject only to judicial remittitur based on the evidence in the case.
The defendants moved for judgment as a matter of law or, in the alternative, a new trial or remittitur on the issue of damages.
Advertising that the lawyer obtained a $1 million judgment without disclosing that the fees and costs exceeded the amount of the judgment or that the court issued a $500,000 remittitur.
In these circumstances, however, the courts could reduce the amount of the award through remittitur.
Application of the statutory limit does not interfere with the judicial procedure of remittitur, because it sets a statutory, non-discretionary limit on the permissible legal remedy separate from and not intruding upon remittitur.
5 million on remittitur, the case provided the impetus for future courts to award punitive damages.
In spite of the extraordinary amount awarded, the trial judge denied the defendants' motion for Judgment Notwithstanding The Verdict (JNOV) as well as the defendants; motions for a new trial, or in the alternative, for a remittitur.
RJR argued that it was excessive and unconstitutional and, as a result, the trial court had erred by not granting its motion for remittitur.
After the trial court denied the defendants' motions for a new trial, however the trial court, concerned that the amount of damages awarded might be excessive, ordered that unless the decedent's estate consented to a remittitur to reduce the plaintiff's recovery to $4 Million Dollars, the trial court would grant the defendants' motion for a new trial.