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Noun1.removable disk - a hard disk that can be removed from the disk driveremovable disk - a hard disk that can be removed from the disk drive; removal prevents unauthorized use
fixed disk, hard disc, hard disk - a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit
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Squadra's Secure Removable Media Manager (SecRMM) is a perfect companion to the Aegis family and prevents sensitive data from being copied to removable media by unauthorized personnel, creating centralized control for administrators that enhance the endpoint security created by Apricorn's Secure Drives.
The recent malicious code attack to the Department of Defense's (DoD) network using USB drives demonstrates that removable media can increase the vulnerability of sensitive government data.
While 65 percent of those surveyed were aware of the potential danger that removable media presents, 66 percent admitted to neglecting their current security policies (with regard to removable devices).
And as removable media devices plummet in price, and memory capacity soars, the phenomena becomes more widespread in the workplace.
It shows that removable media devices such as media players and USB flash drives are now routinely used by a huge number of employees in the vast majority of UK businesses, but with little regard to the security threat they pose.
Given that sensitive data stored on removable media or virtualized tape subsystems can be stolen, tampered with, or corrupted, more safeguards must be put in place--namely, stored data encryption and authentication.
Enterprise security software provider Pointsec Mobile Technologies has announced the immediate availability of its Pointsec Media Encryption solution for removable media.
3, further protecting removable media and OPAL-compliant Self-Encrypting Drives.
ABN AMRO selected Endpoint Access Manager to prevent unauthorized use of removable media and portable devices, including thumb drives, CDs and iPods.
To secure a company from the security implications associated with removable media and mobile devices it is recommended that you:
Data on removable media does not need to be protected, as does magnetic disk, because drive failures are independent of the media and can be taken off line and replaced without having to copy or restore data.

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