v. t.1.To navigate again.
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Robots have to be able to backtrack if they end up in a cul-de-sac and renavigate.
Chioke predicts that banks may have to sell down on investment securities to call back the 38%, and may renavigate their deposit mobilisation strategies, reprice risk assets in line with their 'cautious' lending strategy and adjust business models.
Lennon had to get a grip of them at the break to renavigate the course through choppy seas.
His wife's death forces Antony to recall and renavigate feelings that he has either forgotten, repressed, or possibly never had.
Therefore, the first international conference aimed at providing a platform for scholars at home and abroad to renavigate Chinese America from their respective positions.
The recent exhibition "Bridge/The Map Is Not the Territory" was an attempt to renavigate this nonterritory.
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