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Because a monk who has disavowed the training is still obliged to leave the Order physically and socially (unless he requests reordination or novitiation to justify his continued stay in the Order).
The youngest bhikkhu among the reordained seven, Venerable Tep Vong, was appointed Vice-Chairperson of the Central Committee of the Khmer United Front for National Construction and Defence; as a preceptor he conducted the 'official' reordination ceremonies of former bhikkhu in Phnom Penh and in each province.
Where a schism exists, the concern of the Churches should be, now as before, to achieve unity of faith (as at Nicea) and to find generous and flexible ways to reunite the faithful and clergy of separated communities into one eucharist, under one bishop, without mention of a prior "loss of salvation" and without imposing reordination (50) or severe sanctions (in the spirit of Canon 8 of Nicea).
That allows "full interchangeability and reciprocity" of all ordained ministers without requiring current ELCA ministers to undergo some form of reordination.
Their genuinely radical effort to write back with a vengeance can be seen in "the fabulous reordination of time and character giving rise to the divided generations of Midnight's Children" or "the remarkable universalizing of the African American experience as it emerges in such brilliant detail in .
It was defeated in the 1960s, after all, by the strength of the Angle-Catholics who, worried about Apostolic Succession, demanded a reordination of Methodist Ministers which they found unacceptable.
How is the practice of the reordination of ministers dealt with?
In other words, when a non-Orthodox person who has been baptized (or ordained) in the name of the Holy Trinity decides to join the Orthodox church, then these sacraments are considered partly valid so that rebaptism and reordination do not take place.
demands from each side: Each church will immediately recognize without reordination the pastors/presbyters and bishops of the other.
The idea is that, unlike conditional or reordination, this would "fill out whatever was lacking" in their previous ministry and so be in continuity with it.
In the OCA, as in the "Russian" tradition, they are received in their existing orders, without reordination.