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My inspiration was 'Blade Runner,' '' Pink explained, referring to Ridley Scott's (``Black Hawk Down'') cult classic sci-fi film and the scene in which Pris, the willowy blond replicant played by Daryl Hannah, airbrushes her eyelids with a thick black line right before her to- the-death kick-butt scene with Deckard, played by Harrison Ford.
The former body-builder is currently filming The Replicant, a science-fiction movie in which he is "playing a bad guy for the first time in history".
PATRICIA: Well, it's a bit depressing, you know - 'm the consolation Marilyn for this clown Clarence, who, when this True Romance opens, is sitting at a bar, literally between twin peaks - Elvis, on TV, and another replicant Marilyn, who refuses to go out with him to see Sony Cheba's The Streetfighter, mouthing demurely that it's not her cup of tea.
A selection of films produced by David Dadon include: Replicant starring Jean- Claude Van Damme and Michael Rooker.
Hathaway is convinced that Spence has been replaced by an advanced alien replicant who, although organically the same as human and possessed of all its subject's feelings and memories, is literally a walking time bomb, an assassin set to arm and go off at the right time and place.
We buy our coffee from a takeaway - yup, Replicant waitress - and sprint back to the car.
Nevada, and David Dadon the rights to produce the first sequel to the theatrical feature film Replicant for a consideration of US$500,000 (C$780,000) payable by the issuance of 2,228,000 free trading shares from treasury.
If this androgynous replicant could talk, you suspect it might say: ``I look as though I feel - therefore, I am.
Asking how "we" can tell the difference between a human and a replicant, and what the rights of a replicant might be, Blade Runner is really preoccupied with the alienness of blacks and whites to one another, and the inhumanity of whites to blacks.
Would you believe Rick Deckard returning in 2018 to Los Angeles, which is turning into a desert, to look for one more Nexus 6 replicant in ``Blade Runner 2''?
Blade Runner (1982) Replicant Rutger Hauer's death speech.
Features include Translator Ready, Replicant Aware, and Multiple configuration files.