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1. also re·press·er One that represses.
2. Genetics A protein that binds to an operator, blocking transcription of an operon and the enzymes for which the operon codes.


(Genetics) biochem a protein synthesized under the control of a repressor gene, which has the capacity to bind to the operator gene and thereby shut off the expression of the structural genes of an operon


(rɪˈprɛs ər)

a protein that binds DNA at an operator site and thereby prevents transcription of one or more adjacent genes.
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Noun1.repressor - an agent that represses
agent - an active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect; "their research uncovered new disease agents"
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Privately owned Facio will use the funding to further its research into progressive muscle-wasting disease as well as to accelerate its small-molecule DUX4 repressors towards the selection of pre-clinical lead candidates.
The repressors identified in the new study belong to a large family of proteins known as "KRAB zinc finger proteins.
We should know that what happened to us is because of our actions rather than the choices of the repressors.
The findings in studies about memory suppression in repressors have been inconsistent.
Specifically our objectives are: 1) Construction of transcriptional repressors and nucleases for RHO silencing.
Citation: "Hes repressors are essential regulators of hematopoietic stem cell development downstream of Notch signaling"; J.
Although they might be at a higher risk of developing certain illnesses, recovery from a range of conditions appears to be faster among repressors.
N-acetyl lysine amino acid on a histone, act as transcriptional repressors of genes.
Promoters under the control of repressors are inactive in the presence of repressors, but become active once the repressors are dissociated from target DNA after association with the inducers.
Legal justice has been made real - never again the justice of one's own hands, which the repressors were known for.
The CCS presented leaders of the three branches of government with the document, "To prosecute the dictatorship's repressors is to stop the repression of the Paraguayan people.
squarely on the side of the repressed rather than their repressors is truly commendable.