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Noun1.Republic of Tunisia - a republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean coastRepublic of Tunisia - a republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean coast; achieved independence from France in 1956; "southern Tunisia is mostly desert"
battle of Zama, Zama - the battle in 202 BC in which Scipio decisively defeated Hannibal at the end of the second Punic War
Arab League - an international organization of independent Arab states formed in 1945 to promote cultural and economic and military and political and social cooperation
Maghreb, Mahgrib - the region of northwest Africa comprising the Atlas Mountains and the coastlands of Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia
capital of Tunisia, Tunis - the capital and principal port of Tunisia
Ariana - city in Tunisia
Ehadhamen - city in Tunisia
Gafsa - a city in west central Tunisia
Safaqis, Sfax - the second largest city in Tunisia; located in eastern Tunisia near a phosphate region
Sousse, Susa, Susah - a port city in eastern Tunisia on the Mediterranean
Atlas Mountains - a mountain range in northern Africa between the Mediterranean and the Sahara Desert; extends from southwestern Morocco to northern Tunisia
Tunisian - a native or inhabitant of Tunisia
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August 10, 2017, SPA -- President Al-Baji Gaid Al-Sabsi of the Republic of Tunisia highly valued the wise instructions the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has issued to turn Hajj an easy journey for Muslim worshippers, citing the giant developmental projects in the two holy cities of Makkah and Madinah and the other sacred places.
Salim Shaker, Minister of Finance, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Tunisia, while H.
Manama, Mar 18 (BNA) -- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain today strongly condemns the terrorist attack that targeted the headquarters of the Parliament of the Republic of Tunisia and the Bardo Museum, claiming lives of a number of tourists and innocent Tunisian citizens.
Rafeeq Abdulsalam, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Tunisia arrived here today on an official two-day visit to the Sultanate.
Messahel, for his part, said that the present session is held "at an exceptional juncture that witnesses the birth of the second Republic of Tunisia," further elaborating that the transitional period would "lay down the foundations of a democratic and pluralistic regime, one that meets the Tunisian people's aspirations, namely freedom, justice and equality.
Tunis, Dhu-AlQa'dah 02, 1438, July 25, 2017, SPA -- Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to Tunisia, Mohammed bin Mahmoud Al-Ali, hailed the various economic relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the sisterly Republic of Tunisia, highlighting the tangible development witnessed by trade exchanges between the two countries.
The kingdom of Morocco, which rejects terrorism and extremism that represent a threat to international peace and security, reaffirms its solidarity with the Republic of Tunisia, its government and its people, the ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation said in a statement.
Manama, Mar 19 (BNA) -- Prime Minister of the Republic of Tunisia, Mehdi Jom, today left Bahrain following conducting an official visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain, during which Bahraini-Tunisian relations and means of enhancing cooperation in various areas were discussed.
Tunis, June 8 (ONA) As part of his visit to Tunisia, Yahya bin Saud al Sulaimi, Minister of Education today met with Hatim Ben Salim, Minister of Education in the sisterly Republic of Tunisia.
Tunis, Dhu-AlQa'dah, 01 1438,July 24, 2017, SPA -- Saudi Ambassador to Tunisia Mohammed bin Mahmoud Al-Ali met here today with Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation and Acting Minister of Finance in the Government of the Republic of Tunisia Fadel Abdulkafi.
Abdul-Hussain bin Ali Mirza received the Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to the Kingdom of Bahrain Mohammed bin Yusuf.
Tunisia, June 7 (ONA) Yahya bin Saud al Sulaimi, Education Minister and his accompanying delegation arrived in the sisterly Republic of Tunisia on an official several day visit to lead the Omani side in the 13th session's meetings of the Omani-Tunisian Joint Committee.

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