Republican River

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Republican River

A river, about 680 km (420 mi) long, rising in eastern Colorado and flowing northeast and east across southern Nebraska then southeast through northeast-central Kansas, where it joins the Smoky Hill River to form the Kansas River.

Repub′lican Riv′er

a river flowing E from E Colorado through Nebraska and Kansas into the Kansas River. 422 mi. (680 km) long.
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Noun1.Republican River - a tributary of the Kansas River that flows from eastern Colorado eastward through Nebraska and Kansas
Centennial State, Colorado, CO - a state in west central United States in the Rocky Mountains
Kansas, KS, Sunflower State - a state in midwestern United States
Cornhusker State, Nebraska, NE - a midwestern state on the Great Plains
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The last Sioux were disappearing in the south, along the banks of Republican River.
The Governors and Attorneys General of Nebraska and Colorado announced their settlement of claims regarding Colorados past use of water under the Republican River Compact.
Once hunting ducks from a blind on the Republican River along the Nebraska/Kansas border we encountered muddy and mucky water on the way to the blind that when disturbed released effluvium so rank it made the hydrogen sulfide experiments in high school chemistry seem like Coco Chanel's finest by comparison.
As a boy growing up in Red Cloud, I remember cheering on Joe McCarthy in the televised hearings when were finally able to receive telecasts down in the Republican River valley from Hastings and Kearney using a 100-ft tall antenna.
For instance, western mosquitofish, a nonnative species in Nebraska, was introduced into the Republican River in Nebraska in 1975 and restricts the reproductive success of the native plains topminnow in Nebraska (Lynch, 1988; Haas, 2005).
Historically, the Republican River Valley in Harlan County, Nebraska, has been extensively explored, but the county flora has continually been under-represented and has been found to lack records for plants that are considered common.
We let Franklin go in Republican River, right on the edge of town.
The sensors are one of several irrigation conservation measures promoted by LRNRD in the face of possible widespread irrigation shutdowns for Republican River Compact compliance.
The Republican River starts in Colorado, flows right into Kansas and Nebraska, and then returns to Kansas.
He sat down on the banks of the Republican River near Scandia, Kan.
Over the past decade, Kansas and Nebraska have battled over compliance with the water allocations in the Republican River Basin (Aiken).
The Journal's Joe Barrett recently reported that Kansas is threatening to sue neighboring Nebraska for consuming more than its share of the Republican River.

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