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a.1.Admitting of repudiation; fit or proper to be put away.
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While sovereign debt is widely understood to accrue to states regardless of political or regime change, recent years have seen the rise of the concept of repudiable odious debt, generally thought to be characterized by the following qualities: the debt has not received the general consent of the nation, the borrowed funds are contracted and spent in a manner that is contrary to the interests of the nation, and the creditor lends in awareness of these facts.
The military opted to leave them alive, but humiliated and tortured, as a repudiable example of defeat," said a Radio Nederland post-electoral assessment.
Al darse cuenta de que la sentencia / seria cumplida por un negro africano / de repudiable aspecto, / no pudo evitar la reaccion de su orgullo herido / y envuelto en severa dignidad, / dejo oir su voz / en aquellas horas postreras.
HSBC will leverage the IdenTrust framework to enable its customers to digitally sign payment files at the user-level to provide secure, non- repudiable and legally binding instructions to the bank.