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v. t.1.To require.
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Embora existam muitas historias individuais de clubes, seu conceito e a organizacao voluntaria com a qual a maioria dos esportes acontece requere uma investigacao mais aprofundada.
The knight enters the agreement upon an exchange basis in which both parties agree on what they are exchanging: he marries the hag in exchange for the information she has that will keep him alive, quid pro quo: "'Plight me thy trouthe heere in myn hand,' quod she, / 'The nexte thyng that I requere thee, / Thou shalt it do, if it lye in thy myght, / And I wol telle it yow er it be nyght.
Another eminent writer from London, Lydgate (early 15th century), seemed to have preferred forms without raising, such as owmperis, requere (3), entiere (4), quayre, the only instances with raising being single occurrences of require and bryer, while the Paston Letters reveal both spelling types.
Em particular se requere que tenhao mediocre noticia de MathemAtica, tirando hum par delles que devem ser dos mais illustres que ouver na Companhia [.
Contract awarded for Hiring a professional for the formulation and development of public investment projects for the development, formulation and preparation of the technical recommendation (rs) of the communal requere initiatives are in the ministry of social development
Constou ter a limpeza de sangue que se requere porem lhe falta a qualidade por ele e seu pai e mai e avo materno haverem sido trabalhadores de jornal e sua avo materna padeira.