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Asking a question; of the nature of a question; interrogative.
n. pl. in·ter·rog·a·to·ries Law
A written or oral question that must be answered under oath and is asked by a party in a lawsuit of another party or of a potential witness prior to trial.

in′ter·rog′a·to′ri·ly adv.


(ˌɪntəˈrɒɡətərɪz; -trɪz)
pl n
(Law) law written questions asked by one party to a suit, to which the other party has to give written answers under oath
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Notes: any questions or requests for further information or clarification must be directed to denise brinker by email to denise.
Sharing images of requests for further information about her use of ketamine, the notorious publicity seeker moaned: "Dear British Press.
Company representatives did not respond to AFP requests for further information.
Requests for further information from Bressler were not returned.
She told ECHO Business: "The response to the launch of next year's programme has been great and we have been inundated with applications and requests for further information, but we'd still like more businesses to get in touch.
Neither Maersk nor Heerema would confirm the value of the work, or specify exactly how much each yard would benefit, but after repeated requests for further information, a Heerema spokesman said: "The percentage of work going to the Netherlands will be higher than the percentage going to Hartlepool but there will be a benefit for the Hartlepool region as well, including the effect thereof on the local economy".
We have been marketing the site for only a week or so, but we have already had a number of requests for further information and some fairly detailed conversations with some parties and their agents.
Matar argued that the Lebanese judiciary should conduct its own investigations before deciding whether to grant De Pasquale's requests for further information.
This will still allow time for a formal legal challenge by LOCSU, if the response from the DVLA does not satisfactorily deal with all the potential grounds for legal challenge put forward, including requests for further information.
All the presentations during the two-day conference were very well received, spurring lively debates and requests for further information.
Any requests for further information have been dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
Davis accused Syria of "choosing to actively hinder the investigation by denying access, providing incomplete and misleading information, sanitising multiple locations, and refusing to respond substantively to the agency's requests for further information and access.