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v. i.1.To shake; to quake; to tremble.
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Both players have stepped over the red line and will therefore be excluded from the national team," deputy sports minister Mohamed Rese Dawarsani was quoted by Iranian media as saying earlier in the week.
RESE has two components: self-efficacy in managing negative affect, which refers to individuals' ability to ameliorate negative emotional states when involved in frustrating events, and their ability to avoid being overcome by negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, and guilt; and self-efficacy in expressing positive affect, which involves individuals' ability to experience or express positive emotions, such as happiness and pride.
May 21, 2014 -- Sanford-Burnham Medical Rese arch Institute and Daiichi Sankyo Co.
The Shellfish Association of Great Britain (SAGB) said it welcomed all research that could help improve understanding of norovirus and painted out that the industry had cooperated fully wit h the FSA's rese arch efforts.
Libya, which possesses oil reserves estimated at 60 billion barrels and gas rese rves of 1,500 billion m3, maintains an oil production of between 1.
Teresa Nightingale General Manager World Cancer Rese arch Fund
In fact, one of the pluses of the book is the attention given to the often less considered city of Rome, a reflection of the authors' impressive archival rese arch and publication on that city.
The second part concentrates on scientific practice in the future in fields ranging from DNA sequencing to space rese arch, mental health and cyberspace.
The IST programme is open to all legal entities from eligible states, including businesses of all sizes, universities, rese arch institutes and public sector players.
Fixtures: Loftus Athv Lakes Utd, Middlesbrough & Teesside Sports Academy v Redcar Athletic Rese.
Project Objectives : MidSEFF III builds on the positive experiences in MidSEFF & MidSEFF II and is aimed at i) increasing financing intermediation for RE and ResE investments to fill these sectors' remaining financing gaps in Turkey; ii) improving the PFIs' skills in technical assessment of a broader set of technologies; and iii) increasing the PFIs' knowledge of relevant EU environmental & social requirements and standards in assessing mid-size RE and ResE investments.
In addition, Bandura claims that RESE mainly includes the perceived ability of recognizing an emotional state, understanding the feelings of others, and detecting positive and negative emotional expressions.