Residual error

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Spectralis OCT does not allow AL to be input, and our methods may have had residual error (27%) due to ocular magnification from methods that also use AL.
Based on this, they will form a conclusion as to the reliability of the information provided by the Commission for each of the programmes, including the estimated level of any residual error, and for the Cohesion area as a whole.
Considering the problem that the model order of chemical or physical testing equipment's hard to be determined, the new detected method which is based on residual error has the function of model order self-learning.
This difference is called a residual error or simply a residual
The cause of the residual error was believed to be the inability of the model to account for changes in adherend rigidity, which would affect the solder joint constraint and hence the extent of its plastic deformation.
The ADG, DMI and FE variables were analyzed as repeated measures over time, using the following model: Yijk = [mu] + Bi + Tj + Eij + Pk + (BP) ik + (TP) jk + Eijk, where [mu] = overall mean; Bi = block effect (i=1 to 7); Tj = treatment effect (j=1 to 3); Eij = residual error A; Pk = experimental period effect (k=1 to 2); (BP) ik = interaction block x trial period; (TP) jk = interaction treatment x trial period, and Eijk = residual error B.
Let L = 0 and residual error E = t, where t = [[[t.
The residual error or percentage error occurs from the ANOVA analysis for [R.
2]), mean square error (MSE), error sum of squares (SSE) and predicted residual error sum of squares (PRESS) as described in Ghoreishi et al.
Our primary reason for fixing p is that the mechanism for error reduction of the residual error estimator (see Section 3.
Result of the fuzzy rule-based model was validated using residual error and prediction accuracy.