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n.1.One who makes a resolution; one who joins with others in a declaration or resolution; specifically, one of a party in the Scottish Church in the 17th century.
He was sequestrated afterwards as a Resolutioner.
- Sir W. Scott.
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enstemmigt aktionE*rerne at stemme til fordel for de resolutioner, der
This is released on Boxing Day just in time to catch all those New Year Resolutioners who feel they've over-indulged during the festive season.
Crunch Huntington Beach is set to open for workouts in January 2014, just in time for New Year's Resolutioners to kick start a healthy and fit new year.
Set to open for workouts in January 2013, Crunch Division will be timed perfectly to coincide with the annual onset of hopeful resolutioners looking to reach fitness goals and establish healthy habits for the New Year.