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Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, a framework agreement for a decision under the resolutory condition and will expire on the date of conclusion of the contract on the basis of the procedure followed for the award joint public contract for the purchase of medicines, according to a government decision, No .
A sale upon trial is deemed to have been made subject to a suspensive condition of acceptance of the thing sold unless it appears from the agreement or from the circumstances that the sale was made subject to a resolutory condition.
The merger was cleared in late 2007 by the BKartA with a conditional clearance, the clearance being subject to the resolutory condition that four DIY retail stores were sold within a period of ten months of the BKartA decision.
a resolutory condition (aufl|sende Bedingung) = here, the clearance decision is immediately effective.
123) Where a conditional obligation is extinguished by the occurrence of a future and uncertain event, the condition is resolutory and the obligation comes into existence when the contract is concluded, but ceases upon the occurrence of the future and uncertain event.
In Quebec, a definition along these lines would capture ordinary sales agreements, instalment sales, conditional sales with either a suspensive or a resolutory condition, as well as contracts of leasing, thereby achieving similar results as the twofold test in Wardean Drilling without relying on the common law concepts on which this test is based.
Winter's self-deprecating assessment could not disguise his obvious passion which manifested so resolutory, not only in his words, but also in his sophisticated and engaging pots displayed in Encrusted.
NYSE: CTC) announced today that the Resolutory Commission
Since no resolutory condition to which the effectiveness of the Offering was subject has occurred as of today, the Offering was declared to be effective and ArcelorMittal will proceed to acquire all the shares tendered by the shareholders accepting the Offering and pay the offered price in the manner and conditions provided for in the Prospectus.
Yet other, equally problematic, manifestations of title security are either not examined in detail (most notably, the seller's legal right of resolution), or not directly discussed at all (sales under resolutory condition, sales under suspensive condition, ordinary leases, leases with option to purchase, and promises of sale, as well as various two-step transactions like double sales and sale-leaseback arrangements, and the deployment of rights of superficies or emphyteusis as security).
thus only applies to lender-transfer transactions; as for sales under resolutory condition, it is the legal right of resolution model (articles 1741-43 C.
purchase agreement under resolutory condition, for the period until the conclusion of the contract concluded pursuant to the procedure followed for the award of contract common.