a.1.(Chem.) Of, or pertaining to, or producing, resorcin; as, resorcylic acid.
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The non-compliance rates for resorcylic acid lactones (hormonally active compounds produced by fungi or man-made) and contaminants such as metals and mycotoxins (toxins produced by fungi) were higher than for other groups of substances, but slightly down on the previous report.
Scientists at the University of Connecticut investigated the efficacy of four plant-derived antimicrobials, namely carvacrol, thymol, resorcylic acid and caprylic acid, with or without hydrogen peroxide, to be used as an antimicrobial wash and a chitosan-based coating for reducing L.
Zearalenone (ZEA) a lactone of the derivative of the resorcylic acid also belongs to Fusarium toxins and
This resorcylic acid lactone displays structural features similar to molecules that display anti-mallarial, selective cytotoxic, and inhibitory action of HSP 90.
Instrumental analysis revealed estrone but no significant levels of resorcylic acid lactones or trenbolone metabolites.
2], Tb-17[alpha], Tb-17[beta], the six resorcylic acid lactones ([alpha]-zearalenol, [beta]-zearalenol, [alpha]-zearalanol, [beta]-zearalanol, zearalenone, zearalanone), and MGA] were assayed using both the E-SCREEN and the A-SCREEN assays.
2], 99% for testosterone, 103% for Tb-17[beta], 100% for Tb-17[beta], and between 95% and 101% for six resorcylic acid lactones.
Zearalanol, measured as resorcylic acid lactones, was not detected by Soto et al.
The isoflavone genistein, the coumestan coumestrol, and the resorcylic acid lactone zearalenone have greater affinity for both receptors than daidzein and glyceollin (Figure 4).