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Noun1.restriction site - the specific sites at which a restriction enzyme will cleave DNA
site, situation - physical position in relation to the surroundings; "the sites are determined by highly specific sequences of nucleotides"
site de restriction
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Fingerprinting of bacterial genomes by amplification of DNA fragments surrounding rare restriction sites.
PFGE is a molecular fingerprinting technique used to classify bacteria based on restriction sites within the bacterial genome beyond the species level.
Hence, the restriction sites for NdeI and EcoRI were introduced before the start codon and after the stop codon respectively in the confirmed gene sequence.
Finally the LC-IRES-HC fragment was cloned in the multiple-cloning site of the pCMV-Puro expression vector using the NheI and NotI restriction sites to obtain pLCIHC-Puro vector.
Artificial transposable elements pTn5cat1 and pTn5Spcat endowed with restriction sites for PacI, PmeI and SwaI (unpublished) were used to obtain a collection of insertional mutants, each with an extra restriction site for these endonucleases.
Restriction fragment was identified after digestion with RsaI endonuclease; in particular two restriction sites (GT/AC) for allele A and only one restriction site for allele B were detected.
For subsequent cloning of the PCR-derived fragments, SalI and BamHI restriction sites were added to the 5'-end of these primers, respectively (Table 1).
Assembly was achieved in the pFastBac1 donor plasmid by exploiting unique restriction sites to concatenate the entire genome from 3 sub-clones.
The resultant construct, pBS-HP-D2D thus contained an introduced AatII restriction sites at the 2nd codon of HC- Pro gene as a consequence of an introduced silent mutation (Fig.
1-NS2 gene as the template: upstream primer P1: 5'- AGCTTGTTGCCCAGGTTGGAGATAC-3' containing HindIII restriction sites; and downstream primer P2: 5'- CATAGGGTTCACCGAAGTTCACTTCT-3' containing EcoRI restriction sites.
Both adapters were complemented with Ins, that is, inserts of 0 to 3 bases that increase the sequence variability to preserve the lasers of the sequencer from blinding by the identical bases in the restriction sites (Appendix Fig.
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